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Featured Student Writer: Emily Daza

My name is Emily Daza and I was selected as one of the Top Ten Winners for the Summer 2016 essay contest.  The essay I submitted to Creative Communication in the seventh to ninth grade category was, “The Bicycle.” Emily Daza

I am fifteen years old and currently in tenth grade.  I attend Laurel Springs School, an accredited private online high school.  In the future, I would like to become either an epidemiologist or a medical librarian.

Some of my hobbies are reading, writing, volunteering at my local library, and constructing Lego Architecture kits.  My favorite author is Ray Bradbury and I absolutely love all of Edgar Allan Poe’s chilling poems as well as short stories.

My main inspiration for my essay was the memories I have of my grandfather.  Though he passed away when I was seven years old, I can still remember him teaching me to ride a bike and this in turn became my motivation to write, “The Bicycle.”  He was such an inspiring person and my grandfather always believed in my abilities.

When I received the letter from Creative Communication, I was filled with happiness and shock.  I am very appreciative of writing contests such as these because they are ways in which an individual’s writing can be shared with other people.


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Featured Student Writer: Mallorey Wallace

mallorey wallace IMG_1125My name is Mallorey Wallace, and I am in the eleventh grade at Arrowhead Union High School in Hartland, Wisconsin. My essay, Weaving America’s Past, was composed as a part of my Creative Writing class to pay homage to veterans and those currently serving.

Through my personal experience with the armed forces, I have noticed undying love and support from other military families. My wish is for this essay to touch the lives of those who have touched mine in so many ways. In the future, I plan to major in Spanish and International Studies, and have entertained the prospect of joining the Air Force as well. I would like to thank my family, English teachers, and friends for always supporting me in my literary endeavors.

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Featured Student Writer: Moira Armstrong

IMG_7814Moira is a junior at Howland High School, where she enjoys stressing over honors classes and extracurriculars, including Political Action Club, Interact Service Club, Italian Club, marching and concert bands, English Festival, and Howland Unity Gay-Straight Alliance. Her favorite, though, will always be the speech and debate team, where she competes in original oratory and serves as president. She is also an Ambassador Girl Scout and a tap dancer at Jill’s Dance Shop, and in her very limited free time, she likes to play ukulele, color, read, and, of course, write. Her work has been published in the Power of the Pen Book of Winners and Blue Marble Review and is forthcoming in The Asexual Journal, After the Pause, and the Ohio High School Speech League Winning Orations Collection. In the future, she hopes to attend college and pursue a career in museum curation or administration.

Moira wrote “Paris, Orlando, Nice, Dallas, Turkey, Baton Rouge, Munich” after several months of seemingly waking up to a new headline about another terrorist attack or police shooting every day. Because of this, her friends and she are facing ideas like discrimination and worrying about violence at a time when she thought they’d be concerned with things like classes and colleges. As she began exploring the effects it has on their lives and relationships, she realized it’s changed them much more deeply than she originally thought, and she hopes this poem expresses those feelings well and can help teens who feel the same way understand that they’re not alone.

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Featured Student Writer: Branna Sundy

Branna Sundy.jpgBranna Sundy is a 12-year-old attending Diablo View Middle School.  She is an avid reader and dog-lover who enjoys writing poetry and short stories.  She loves giving feedback on her dad’s books, making iMovies with her sisters, baking, playing the flute, performing in theatre shows, playing soccer, and dancing jazz and ballet.  The idea for “Night” came to her before bed one beautiful night as she looked outside her window.  She hopes to be a famous poet and writer someday.

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Featured Student Writer: Amandi Perera

Amandi PereraWhen I saw the envelope saying Spring 2016 Top Ten winner on it, I was humbled and amazed. My grandmother was with me when I saw the letter and, as my poem “You Are My Grandfather” was clearly inspired by my grandfather, she was ecstatic to hear it got selected.

I have always loved reading, Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters being among my favourite authors. In high school, my teachers helped me realize that I love writing as well. I love the power of words and how their arrangement in varying ways can transform into describing an experience or feeling. I also love how each experience can be described in so many ways because of the endless number of perspectives one can have on just one experience. So after my grandfather’s passing, I met many people whose lives he had impacted in some way. Through this and my grandmother’s stories, I realized that my grandfather’s life was one that I could only hope to truly understand. He helped so many people and had the respect of so many, but he had never told me. This poem hopefully encompasses my realization of this and my newfound respect for him.

As for the future, I know that I want to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and help others. I also know that, thanks to the encouragement of my English teachers, I will continue to write in the future and express myself through words.

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Featured Student Writer: Zara Motan

Zara Motan.jpgMy name is Zara Motan. I am the writer of the poem “The Northern Lights”. My poem was chosen in the top ten poems in the spring 2016 poetry contest.

I am 10 years old and love to read and write. My motivational inspiration to write poems was my teacher Ms. Pamela Rodriguez.

My goals for the future include being an author and writing mystery and adventure novels. For now, I look forward to writing more poems and entering them in more poetry contests.

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Featured Student Writer: Cailin Correia

Cailin CorreiaCailin was attending Kalamalka Secondary Schoolin Vernon when her poem, “Composer’s Satisfaction” was selected as a national Top Ten Winner in our Spring 2016 poetry anthology. This means that out of thousands of poems submitted into the contest, hers was selected as one of the ten best in her grade division.

Cailin will be attending McGill University in the fall for a BSc in Agricultural & Environmental Sciences eventually hoping to specialize in Wildlife Biology. In the future she plans on applying her education to the field of conservation in order to protect the planet’s wildlife and biological diversity. Her passion for piano inspired her to create the poem. She started playing the piano when she was seven and will continue to play into her future. She enjoys exploring new places, food, music, art and all things to do with animals.

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Featured Student Writer: Libby Snowden

Libby SnowdenLibby was attending Kenmore Middle School when her poem, “Where Else to Go?” was selected as a national Top Ten Winner in our Spring 2016 poetry contest. This means that out of thousands of poems submitted into the contest, hers was selected as one of the ten best in her grade division. You can view her winning poem by clicking here.

Libby will be a freshman this year and she loves science and going to the beach.  Her dad is in the military, so she’s had the opportunity to live in some pretty cool places like California, Memphis, DC, and Charleston.  However, every time she moves, she leaves behind the friends she made and the schools that she loved, and that’s what inspired her poem.  She’s spent most of her life in California, so she has always considered it home.  She had awesome friends and amazing teachers, so she was devastated to leave.  The details in the second stanza of her poem are all memories she has of leaving.  In her poem, she wanted to highlight the struggles she had to overcome as a military kid.  And while her poem may seem sad, she would never trade her experiences.  Yes, it stinks to move, but the opportunities she has had have been incredible (one of them being this contest).  Someday, she hopes she can use her experiences to make a positive impact on my community by teaching others about the lifestyle.  It’s a life she’s learned to love and learned a lot from.

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Featured Student Writer: Joanne Wang

unnamed (26)Joanne Wang was an 8th grader attending Community Middle School in New Jersey when her poem, “Bring Me” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Spring 2015 national poetry contest. She is now in the 9th grade at High School North. We asked Joanne to share what inspired her winning poem and her plans for the future.

“I was shocked and ecstatic to learn I had made it into the Top 10.” Joanne explained, “This contest was actually the first poetry contest I have ever entered, thanks to the support of my many amazing English teachers I had the pleasure to learn from.

“It always interested me how people would talk about life in the most crude ways, as though it had no meaning. But as I sat there pondering, I realized I had no right to think that, as I, myself, did not know the meaning of life. I decided in my last moments, I would like memories and miracles to flood in my mind and bring me the meaning of life before I passed. Then it had me thinking, what about when we encounter times in life where there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, or no solution to the problems suffocating us? We all need a miracle to bring us comfort, thus began the creation of this poem. I had actually written ‘Bring Me‘ in a notebook I had received as a present in the beginning of 8th grade. As I went through the book once more in the spring of 8th grade, I stumbled across it and decided to revise it.

“While I do have a strong passion about writing, I do not know what to expect in the future, or what I aspire to be. I simply want to make an impact for the greater good, or make a significant difference in a seemingly insignificant matter.”

To learn more about our national writing contests, visit www.poeticpower.com.

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Featured Student Writer: Priscilla Hardianto

unnamed-1Born in Fairfax, Virginia, Priscilla Hardianto now attends The Bishop’s School in the balmy coastal town of La Jolla, California. Her essay, “Playgrounds” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Spring 2015 national essay contest.

Priscilla has many passions, including reading and writing creative works. Her poem, “Frogs” won her the Molly Martinek award at her school, and she has contributed various articles to the Daily Urinal, a student-run daily newspaper. She has also published poetry, prose, and photography in two more of her school’s annual art and writing publications, Dragonwings and Fault Lines. In addition to this, Priscilla enjoys learning about global issues. Because of this, she was invited to be a journalist, photo editor, and copy editor for the WorldLink Youth Town Meeting for San Diego and Tijuana students. Her favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Haruki Murakami, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, as Priscilla admires and aspires to their unique storytelling styles and ability to immerse their readers in their tales.

Aside from writing, Priscilla is especially fond of animals and volunteers in the Helen Woodward Animal Center. She’s also a musician who plays violin for the non-profit organization Fanfaire Foundation. As hobbies, Priscilla also enjoys drinking tea, cooking, travelling, fashion, and photography. She runs a photo blog for her school called Faces of Bishop’s inspired by Humans of New York. Priscilla is humbled to be recognized by Creative Communication, and she would like to take this opportunity thank her English teacher, Ms. Laury Isenberg, for encouraging her to “let free” and be “self-reflective” when writing.

To learn more about our national writing contests, visit www.poeticpower.com.

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