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Sweepstakes Time!

on February 23, 2012


Creative Communication (host of national poetry contests for students in grades K-12) and CelebratingArt.com (host of national art contests for students in grades K-12) are hosting a national sweepstakes!

There will be two winners; one winner over 18 years of age will receive two free flights to ANYWHERE in the United States, and one winner 18 years or younger will receive a free Amazon Kindle. Here are the rules:

To make an entry check out the following links to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  Each will get you one entry (remember, we have a Twitter and Facebook page for both Creative Communication AND CelebratingArt.com – that’s a total of four entries!)  Each time one of your friends on Facebook “likes” us from your referral you will receive two bonus entries.  If you tweet out our contest link you will receive three bonus entries.  Every time someone follows us on Twitter from one of your tweets you will receive two bonus entries.  The more entries you have, the more likely is your chance to win.  The contest runs until April 2, 2012.  We will then have a drawing to pick the winners.  Every day you can submit a new Facebook entry for each profile — that’s a lot of entries!  Don’t miss out on your chance to win.

Twitter:  https://woobox.com/2bmyws
Facebook:  https://woobox.com/ity9o2

 Creative Communication:
Twitter:  https://woobox.com/wc6x3z
Facebook:  https://woobox.com/mby6i4

Here’s a break-down of ways you can get entries into the contest:

“Like” our Creative Communication page — 1 entry
“Like” our CelebratingArt page — 1 entry
Have a friend “like” our Creative Communication page from your referral —2 entries
Have a friend “like” our CelebratingArt page from your referral —2 entries

Follow our Creative Communication page — 1 entry
Follow our CelebratingArt page — 1 entry
Send a tweet to your friends with the link to the sweepstakes page — 3  entries
Each friend that follows us from your tweet — 2 entries

Now get out there and enter to win big!


13 responses to “Sweepstakes Time!

  1. Emma says:

    Great, but what about the people who don’t have Facebook or Twitter? It would make sense to try to make it so ANYONE can play, you know?

    • powerpoetic says:

      Our primary objective for this contest is to help spread the word via Facebook and Twitter. Any contest we have in the future that does not involve online social media, we will be sure to let you know!

  2. Dylan says:

    I “liked” both pages and received the one entry point for both of the groups, and then when I went back, it let me do it again, and again, and again…
    Basically it’s letting me like them over and over again, but am I cheating my getting multiple points for the same thing or is it just not saving my points at all each time?

    • powerpoetic says:

      Hi Dylan! Although it appears as though it is letting you submit multiple entries per day, it is actually only accepting one entry per day from each Facebook page. Make sure to keep submitting an entry each day — good luck in the contest! (And thanks again for sharing your wonderful story with us!)

  3. Molly says:

    So, I don’t have a facebook, but I have a twitter. So what do I do to even remotely compete against the people who posts a facebook post everyday? Do I tweet something everyday? Or what?

    • powerpoetic says:

      Tweeting out the sweepstakes to your friends will give you 3 entries into our sweepstakes (for each profile – CelebratingArt AND Creative Communcation). For each friend that enters because of your tweet you receive 2 entries into the sweepstakes (again, for each profile). Many individuals entering only use one form of social media rather than both a Facebook and Twitter account. Having both does give you an advantage in the contest; however, if you are active on Twitter you have the ability to receive a great deal of entries from that account.

  4. Gabriela says:

    I feelsilly asking this but do we submit different entires or the same entry over and over again? And exactly where do wee submit them?

    • powerpoetic says:

      For Facebook you just need to go to the sweepstakes page (you can find the link in our blog post above) and type in your email address and select “enter”. You can do this once per day. It may appear that you can enter several times per day but it will only process one entry per day for EACH account (CelebratingArt and Creative Communication). You will also have the ability to post to your friends about the contest each time you enter. Any friends that enter because of your post will give you TWO entries in the sweepstakes.

      For Twitter, click the links above to go to our sweepstakes page (there is one for both CelebratingArt and Creative Communication). You will have the opportunity to enter there. You will also have the opportunity to tweet out the sweepstakes info to your friends – this will give you three entries. Any friend that enters because of your tweet will get you two more entries in the sweepstakes.

      We hope this helps, please let us know if you have anymore questions!

  5. Christina says:

    Hey I accidentally said I was under 18, when I’m really 18 on all my facebook and twitter entries DD: Is there a way to fix that, because I want considered for the two trip tickets? Pleasee!!!! Thank you so much!!!

    • powerpoetic says:

      Hi Christina! We will make the change to your entries. Will you send your email address to dixie@poeticpower.com so we can find the correct submissions?

      Thanks for entering! Make sure to submit a new entry on each Facebook profile every day – good luck in the contest!

  6. so, is it just facebook and twitter? or do the wordpress people get it too?

    • powerpoetic says:

      You can only enter the contest via Facebook and Twitter. We have the details for the sweepstakes listed on our blog so that individuals can have access to all of the links and rules in one location.

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