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Featured Top Ten Winner: Francis Wilson

on March 5, 2012

ImageToday’s featured Top Ten Winner is Francis Wilson, a junior at Lakeside Upper School.  Francis submitted his essay into our Fall 2011 Essay Contest and received special recognition for being selected as a Top Ten Winner out of thousands of entries.  When asked what inspired him to write his essay, Francis responded,

“The inspiration for my essay was my participation in a school service trip to the nation of Morocco in the summer of 2012. I was suddenly plunged from the stress of high school finals into a world where time seemed to move at a slower pace.  After dealing with the rat race of grades and the crammed schedule that had dominated my life during the school year,  it was a real blessing to have been given the opportunity to live for a month without worrying about these  school-centered troubles and be involved in the lives of a small Moroccan village.   I witnessed in Morocco a happiness that did not come from material wealth or the professions that we tend to attribute to success.   This new perspective inspired me to write my short essay.”  Francis’ essay, “Time to Wake Up from the American Dream,”  can be viewed here.

Francis enjoys writing because it is his art form, his creative outlet.

“I am no dancer or singer, but I feel that I can show who I am through the points that I put down on the page. My interests range from serving as an editor of our school newspaper to being a juror in a Municipal Teen Court.   Through these two activities respectively,  I am able to form a strong argument that reaches a big  audience at school and I am able to help erring teens learn responsibility for their actions.

Writing has so much potential and power and the myriad ways that writing enables me to define myself makes it my life’s passion. Being a top ten finalist for this writing contest means a lot to me because I write so that others will read my work and hopefully come away  from thinking about what I had to say, changed for the better.  Having my essay published online gives me the opportunity to broadcast my words to the world.”

Thank you Francis for making a difference in your community.  Keep up the great work and congratulations on being honored as a Top Ten Winner!

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