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Featured Student Writer: Peyton Bolden

ImagePeyton Bolden is a third grader at Mittelstädt Elementary School.  He was also selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Fall 2011 poetry contest out of thousands of entries for his grade division.  His poem “Dyslexia Blueprint” is about Peyton’s feelings towards his dyslexia.  In an article by Klein Independent School District, Susan Collier, a reading specialist at Mittelstädt Elementary, explains, “I tell my students…that they all have a gift in something, whether they already know what this is or not, and sometimes it may be just waiting to be discovered.”  The article also tells that a “unique project [Collier] had students participate in was to share their feelings through poetry and express their struggles with dyslexia through words. These feelings, as seen…in Peyton’s poem, turned into heartfelt pieces that allow readers to experience what it feels like for these students.” 

The article concludes, “Several famous individuals like Walt Disney and Albert Einstein were also known to have dyslexia. Peyton, however, hopes to one day become like Pablo Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci, and overcome their challenges through art.

‘He loves to draw. Especially when he is frustrated or needs some personal time, he goes into his room and sometimes is in there for hours. It has become a part of him and is something he just loves to do,’ said Felicia Murry, Payton’s mom.”  [To read this complete inspiring article, go here.]

Congratulations, Peyton, on being selected as a national Top Ten Winner.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us and thank you to those like Mrs. Collier who are helping to encourage and inspire their students to achieve great things.

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Language Arts Grant Funds Essay Contest

ImageEach year we award $12,500 in Language Arts grants to the top 10% of schools who have entries accepted for publication in “A Celebration of Poets” and “Celebrating What Is Important to Me”.  This award is given to help these schools fund programs and activities that they would not have the ability to without the grant.   You can read some examples of how this grant has been used to help schools here

One such recipient of this grant is Coffee County Central High School in Tennessee.  Joyce McCullough, a Language Arts teacher there, shared the wonderful experience her and her students were able to have because of this grant.

Image“Your Language Arts grant helped to fund our 8th annual Laws of Life Essay Contest, and we are very grateful for your support!  Tim Gassman, the young man in the red shirt, was awarded a check for $500 for his essay entitled “The Power and Drive of Discipline.” Since 2004 the Coffee County Central High School Inklings have rewarded our students for their writing with almost $20,000 in prize money.  The prizes this year would not have been possible without your generous grant.”

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Featured Student Writer: Reese Desmond

ImageSeven-year-old Reese Desmond is today’s featured student writer.  Reese is taught by Mrs. Andreu in the second grade at PVPV/Rawlings Elementary School.  Reese was a Top Ten Winner for our national Fall 2011 poetry contest.  Her poem, “Candy,” was one of the ten best for the K-3 age division.

Reese’s mom explains, “Reese is a vibrant young girl.  [She] likes candy, and is learning about having a sweet tooth.  She loves M&M’s, which were a perfect starting place for describing candy!  She loves rhyme, and has been inspired by none other than Dr. Seuss 🙂  When telling stories or singing songs, she loves to create rhyming lyrics.  She enjoys using events and activities from her everyday life to help her create poems and stories. We are very proud of our little girl!!”

Congratulations, Reese!  Thank you for sharing what inspired your winning piece and thank you to your teacher, Mrs. Andreu, for the great job she is doing in the classroom.

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