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Language Arts Grant Funds Essay Contest

on May 14, 2012

ImageEach year we award $12,500 in Language Arts grants to the top 10% of schools who have entries accepted for publication in “A Celebration of Poets” and “Celebrating What Is Important to Me”.  This award is given to help these schools fund programs and activities that they would not have the ability to without the grant.   You can read some examples of how this grant has been used to help schools here

One such recipient of this grant is Coffee County Central High School in Tennessee.  Joyce McCullough, a Language Arts teacher there, shared the wonderful experience her and her students were able to have because of this grant.

Image“Your Language Arts grant helped to fund our 8th annual Laws of Life Essay Contest, and we are very grateful for your support!  Tim Gassman, the young man in the red shirt, was awarded a check for $500 for his essay entitled “The Power and Drive of Discipline.” Since 2004 the Coffee County Central High School Inklings have rewarded our students for their writing with almost $20,000 in prize money.  The prizes this year would not have been possible without your generous grant.”

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