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Featured Student Writer: Golda Dopp

ImageGolda Dopp from Davis High School in Utah is today’s featured student writer.  Golda was selected as a Top Ten Winner in the Spring 2012 poetry contest for her poem, “Bittersweet”. 

Golda enjoys writing, dancing, singing, acting, playing the flute, reading, and being with friends and family.  She also loves sunset orange, dark chocolate, traveling, laughing, and painting.  Her goals for the future include becoming a professional dancer and going first to Snow College, and then to a University outside of Utah, or going to Southern Utah University and doing a Study Abroad program.  She also hopes to write a book someday and sky dive.

When asked what helped to inspire Golda’s winning poem, she explained, “In my English class last year, we read some poems by Edgar Allan Poe. I also saw an amazing dance number inspired by Poe that made me interested in his writing. I usually like light, happy, cute poems, but his darker, mysterious style got me interested. His writing is a little too dark for me so I turned my poem into a sad but triumphant story with a mysterious twist at the beginning. The conclusion is bittersweet, hence the title and I always like poems with a story or message. My poem doesn’t have a whole plot obviously but it gives hints about the woman’s life and lets the reader imagine her story.” 

You can read Golda’s Top Ten poem here.  Thank you, Golda, for letting us get to know you a little better and for sharing what inspired such a beautiful poem.  We hope all of your dreams come true and know you will continue to achieve great things in your life.

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Featured Student Writer: Kimberly Paulsen

ImageKimberly Paulsen is this week’s featured student.  Kimberly became a Top Ten Winner in our spring 2012 poetry contest with her poem “Love’s Journey.”  You can view her poem here.

Kimberly is a junior at Viewmont High School in Utah.  She comes from a loving family of ten and has always been inspired by their examples.  We asked Kimberly to tell us what helped to inspire her winning poem.  She explained:

“Oddly enough, I enjoy school and adore coming to understand the world around me: I find investigating the human condition irresistible. My poem captures the significance of relationships and experiences in life that are often underestimated or under appreciated. By observing my grandparents and their care for each other for more than five decades, I have discovered the simple elegance of love’s journey. Love in any stage of life is a stunning and beautiful experience. I hope to come to truly know the world around me and the extraordinary people on it. I will continue to explore and look forward to serving others: Whether through art, science, or just being an uplifting part of my community.”

Congratulations to Kimberly for being selected as a Top Ten Winner for the spring 2012 poetry contest!  Make sure to check out her poem if you haven’t yet, as well as all of the other fantastic poems that were chosen as the best in their age division.  Click here to see all of the winners!

For more information about our national writing contests, go to www.PoeticPower.com.

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