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Featured Student Writer: Mollie Simon

Mollie Simon is a junior at Chamblee Charter High School in Georgia.  Her essay, “Strawberry Pancakes“, was selected as a Top Ten Winner for the Summer 2012 national essay contest.

Mollie’s passion is food, and her ultimate dream in life is to own a Bed and Breakfast. Before she gets there though, she hopes to make writing a big part of her future, though she is not sure yet in what capacity that will be.

Currently, Mollie is the co-editor of her school newspaper, “The Blue & Gold”, and is the president of her school’s Technology Student Association.  In her free time, she loves to bake, sew, felt, do aikido (a form of defensive martial arts), and take naps with her dog, Cotton.

“I have always been very passionate about food, and I have been lucky in that my parents let me into the kitchen at an early age,” Mollie explains. “My family often has big gatherings for the Jewish holidays, and we love to bake and cook for those occasions.

My essay submission, ‘Strawberry Pancakes’, was inspired by a trip I took with my family to Maine. On our trip, we stopped in the small town of Stonington, and it was there that I found world’s best pancakes. That was not my only run in with food on the trip though. When my sister and I read that whoopie pies were a specialty of Maine’s, we made it our mission to buy and try every one we came across from food stands at antique markets, to a lobster restaurant on the harbor in Portland.”

The picture shown is from Mollie’s trip to Maine.

Mollie was introduced to Creative Communication in eighth grade when her teacher Linda Chenoweth had all of her students enter a piece into one of our essay contests. “Since then, I have always tried to enter your contests and share my work! Thank you again for the opportunities to make that possible!”

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Featured Student Writer: Edward Nieshoff

Born This Way

Do you feel like you’re wonderful?
Even when you are in somebody’s belly
or a twinkling star in Heaven?

Do you feel like you were put in the world
because you are someone special?

You are different from everybody else
and you know it.

Don’t be shy,
show the world who you are
because you are beautiful.

Beautiful you.

Edward Nieshoff was selected as a national Top Ten Winner in the Summer 2012 poetry contest.  His poem, “Born This Way“, was recognized as one of the top poems submitted in his age category out of thousands of entries submitted for the contest.

Edward is now in fourth grade and has moved to Lexington, MA.  He loves flying to different places and enjoys poetry.  He also loves going to Michigan.  Two of his favorite subjects in school are math and geography.

Not quite sure where the inspiration for his poem came from, Edward explains, “It was probably in third grade, one of my teachers was so into writing books and poetry. She loved reading poetry to us like poems by Valerie Worth and some other poets. And she taught us how to write good poetry which really pushed me to try my best.”

Edward’s goals for the future include continually striving to be a better person, meet new people, and go on trips around the world.

To learn more about our national poetry contests, visit www.PoeticPower.com.

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Featured Student Writer: Sierra Kolodjski

Winter Days
Tucked in my warm and cozy bed,
Dreaming of snowflakes dancing around my head,
Trying to catch them on my tongue,
Wondering just how earth made each one,
Like a snow globe that just got shook,
As new and as wonderful as an open book,
Now, waking up for another winter day,
It is peaceful from the hills of snow to the bed where I lay.

Ten-year-old Sierra Kolodjski was only in fourth grade when her poem was selected as a national Top Ten Winner for the Spring 2012 poetry contest.  You can view the Top Ten Winners for her age division here.  These winners were the ten best poets in the United States and Canada for the Spring 2012 contest.  Each winner received special recognition in the book, a $25 check, and a free copy of the anthology.

Sierra attends East Bethel Community School in Minnesota.  When asked what inspired her winning poem, Sierra explained, “When I was waiting for the bus one day (I seem to think up a lot of poems and stories while waiting for the bus).  It was snowing and the snow was swirling around like a snow globe.  It made me think about writing this poem ‘Winter Days.'”

Sierra’s goals for the future include writing a novel and a children’s book.

To learn more about our national writing contests, please visit www.PoeticPower.com.

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Summer 2012 Top Ten Winners

Congratulations to our Top Ten Winners for the Summer 2012 poetry and essay contests! These students were selected as writing the best poems and essays in the United States and Canada for their grade divisions. To read these students’ poems and essays, go here.

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