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Featured Student Writer: Natalie Zink

on December 12, 2012

     I used to stare in front of the mirror, wishing my appearance would change into something more beautiful than what I saw staring back towards me. Yet somehow, every time my reflection was cast back, I was still just the average girl, who looked nothing special…My parents always told me from a young age up that true beauty was on the inside, not the outside, and that no matter what anyone said, I was beautiful. I heard them, yet hearing and listening were two different things…

IMGP1298Natalie Zink’s essay, “The Girl Who Lost Her Eyes“, was selected as a Top Ten Winner for the Summer 2012 essay contest.  Natalie attends the 9th grade at Greenfield High School in Wisconsin.

The image shown is Natalie holding a 31.5 inch Walleye that was caught up in Canada last summer.  Natalie’s passion is fishing.  If she could choose to do anything in the world, it would be fishing off of her family’s boat in Canada.  The calmness and serenity of fishing relaxes her.  One of her favorite feelings is the tug of the rod as a fish runs with the line, putting up a fight. Then, hopefully, she can reel in a whopper.  Natalie also loves playing Poker (without gambling) and Pirates Dice.

“The last couple years have been hard in my life, and to escape some things, I started writing more.” Natalie explains. “My dad was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Mantle Cell Lymphoma in 2009, which is a pretty serious type of cancer, but I don’t like to use that as an excuse to stop me from living life. I realized, in the many hours spent in the hospitals, that some people gave up on life; yet in my dad’s eyes, he was still a fighting spirit…He was not ready to lose his fight against his cancer.”

Natalie’s essay was inspired by her experience at her dad’s hospital.  “I think I have always felt insecure about myself, yet I realized when I saw other cancer patients that they were beautiful without hair, just like my dad was. It took me to be vain towards myself to finally see who I am.  Then, when I really looked at myself, I saw the person I was. My dad inspired me and still does.”

Natalie’s dream for her future is to help people.  “I don’t know what my future is holding out for me, but I want to make sure that one day I can look back and smile.  I want to be able to wake up each morning and know I am doing my best to help someone. You never know what a simple smile or ‘hello’ can do to someone’s day. I don’t know if I can help in someone’s life, but I hope to.”

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