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Featured Student Writer: Sean M.

“The simplicity of childhood is extinct; its callow beauty has been lost. I remember when I was a child; all I did was play basketball outside and run around with my friends. I remember watching movies with my family on the weekends,  and caring about nothing more than spending time with the people I loved. I remember being taught that love is the most important thing in the world,  and people are to be treated with respect. Every day,  I miss the simplicity and joy of my childhood and how easy things were…” View more

IMG_8884Sean’s essay, “The Digital Age“, was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Fall 2012 national essay contest.  Currently a junior at Parkersburg High School in West Virginia, Sean has always loved reading and writing.

“The Digital Age” was inspired from Sean’s observation of people in his generation becoming infatuated with today’s technology and social norms.  “I see young people becoming obsessed with iPhones, iPads, etc., as well as video game systems, television, and computers.” Sean explains, “As well, children are being granted the opportunity to experiment with makeup at a younger and younger age. I can’t help but notice how self-conscious these children become. Their appearance, including their makeup, clothes, and weight, become the epicenter of their attention and thought. I think, personally, it’s sad the lengths at which people in my generation go to become totally disconnected from society and life’s natural pleasures through the use of said technology and makeup; and that’s what I really wanted to highlight in my essay.”

After graduating high school, Sean plans to go to college and graduate from veterinary medical school.

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Featured Student Writer: Meghan Jusczak

lil mermaid headshotA senior at Central Bucks High School-East in Pennsylvania, Meghan Jusczak spends a lot of time writing. Whether it’s for her creative blog, various literary magazines, or as the columnist for reality, a teen section that appears every Thursday in several newspapers in her area, Meghan is constantly engaging in the writing process.  She is also very involved with the theater group at her school, where they put on two or three productions each year.

Meghan’s poem, “Girl Passing Through“, was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2012 national poetry contest.  “I was inspired to write ‘Girl Passing Through’ after watching the movie My Week with Marilyn and thinking about how Marilyn Monroe, this famous female symbol, was extremely lonely and dependent on the romantic relationships in her life.” Meghan continues, “The whole poem stemmed out of this image I had in my head of her reapplying her lipstick, and then I began to think about my very different approach to relationships and life in general and went from there.”

After graduating from high school, Meghan intends to go to college where she will study English and Journalism. She also plans to continue writing in some form, hopefully novels.

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Featured Student Writer: Maggie Li

MaggieThe Silent Lullaby” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in the Summer 2012 national poetry contest.  Its author, Maggie Li, attends Nicholas Catholic College in Canada.  Maggie’s family immigrated to Canada when she was just four years old.

Maggie’s winning poem was inspired by a message from one of her favorite teachers: “It doesn’t matter ‘who’ you are; whether you’re an Olympic medallist, or a millionaire, if you haven’t done anything to make the lives of others around you better, you haven’t accomplished anything at all.”

Maggie reflected upon this message, and was astonished at the tempo with which time passed by.  “Had I any time to make a positive impact on the people around me?” Maggie pondered. “That’s when I realized that in the midst of such chaos and the breathtaking speed of life, we do have barometers; priceless things that we take for granted, but serve to be a silent reminder of the renewal of mercy and the presence of ‘another chance’…such things being most obviously, to me, sunrise and sunset.”

Maggie’s favorite subject in school is English, along with math, French, and science.  Maggie plans to continue to write poetry and share it with the world.  She is also working on a collection of short stories, which she is quite fond of.  Maggie’s future career plans include becoming a pediatrician, studying medical law, and even attempting to be the next Sherlock Holmes.

“Thank you SO much for giving me the privledge of being published in your anthology, and for enjoying my poem to the extent that it was chosen as a Top Ten. You have truly motivated me, and I will never forget this milestone in my life!” — Maggie Li

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