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Featured Student Writer: Michelle Yuan

on December 11, 2013

MichelleTTMuch of Michelle’s inspiration for writing comes from her acting experiences, nature, and music. Her Top Ten essay, “Flight“, was written at her afterschool, “Li’s Academy” as a 6th grader.

“I love writing because it is so fun and it can go anywhere, you can do anything with it, there are endless varieties.” Michelle explains, “Nothing compares to when I get an idea or anything at all, and then a story comes together. Writing gets me excited and hooked, and when I stop, I am wanting for more. Writing is not merely words on a page, but a thought on a canvas. It’s almost like you’re painting a picture.”

When Michelle wrote “Flight” she wanted to write about something other than her usual inspiration. The legendary skater, Michelle Kwan, is who Michelle is named after.  Michelle’s father believes her to be young, talented, and beautiful, and wants Michelle to follow in her footsteps.  Michelle enjoys skating and dedicates her skating to her family, Michelle Kwan, and her friends.  It has been seven years into her skating journey, and she loves it.  “Flight” was inspired by all of her experiences skating. “Honestly I can’t imagine my life without skating. That wouldn’t seem right. It may sound absurd but skating is where I store my thoughts. When I skate, everything else in the world disappears, the only thing I do is fly. Who said humans can’t fly?”

Michelle’s future plans include becoming a successful actress.

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