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Featured Student Writer: Olivia Zoltak

on March 4, 2014

OliviaZoltak“Insecure” was picked as a Top Ten Winner in our Spring 2013 poetry contest.  At the time, Olivia was a 7th grader attending Santa Rosa Technology Magnet School in California.

Olivia loves writing poetry.  She finds that it is like writing songs, which she also enjoys as she plays multiple instruments.  “When I was told about this contest I was thrilled to write a piece of poetry to enter.” Olivia explains, “However, I never expected that in only seventh grade, my work would actually be published, much less win a spot as one of the best along with nine other incredible entries.”

Olivia wrote this poem after having a few friends over and watching as they voiced a great deal of insecurities and flaws they have. This bothered her, as it is an issue that many people today face, the kind of issue that can lead to eating disorders and even self-harm. When she was assigned to write a poem for class, she decided to make this issue the subject of her poem. “I had my peers examine it to give me feedback, and all of the people who read it thought it was a good poem with a great message. When I received an email saying that it  would be published in the anthology, I was thrilled. But the feeling I got when I received the letter that informed me that my poem was part of the Top Ten poems in my age group was incredible, and my parents and I were all so proud. I would like to thank Creative Communication for establishing this contest, publishing my poem, and the prize of twenty-five dollars sent to me in the mail. This success has inspired me to write more and more, and I would love to enter this contest again.”

You can read Olivia’s poem (shown with her pseudonym, Stormy Creek) by clicking here.  To enter your poem in our national writing contest or to learn more, go to www.PoeticPower.com.

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