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Featured Student Writer: Masha Samokhvalova

Masha SamokhvalovaLast summer, Masha submitted an essay into our national contest that is held for student writers throughout the United States and Canada. Her essay, “The Beautiful Sunrise Over Atlantic Ocean”, was selected from thousands of entries as one of the ten best in her grade division. At the time, Masha was attending Richard Stockton Elementary School in New Jersey.

“What persuaded me to write this essay was my fantastic family trip to Wildwood, NJ and the romantic and breathtaking sunrise over the ocean.” Masha explains, “That time was the first time in my life I saw a sunrise over the ocean! During my life, I have been in fifteen states. I have traveled on very many domestic and international flights, and several times over Atlantic Ocean. But at the moment of the sunrise, I realized that there was nothing was more beautiful than a sunrise over an ocean!  I will never forget the sunrise in my entire life! The Top Ten essay was not my first time being published by Creative Communication. Earlier this year, Creative Communication published another of my essays, ‘The Four Seasons’ and my poem, ‘Bunnies From Around the World!’ Previously in 2012, my artwork ‘The Chinese Dragon’ was published.”

Masha has lots of hobbies. These include tennis, ballet and rhythmic gymnastics, which is gymnastics with a ball, a rope, and a ribbon in the choreography.  She started tennis and ballet at four years old and has gotten very good at them in the past six years. Also, Masha loves to read, draw and write. Furthermore, she likes to play the piano at home and in the school band and orchestra. She loves to sing in the fifth grade chorus and lots of other songs, but mostly songs by Taylor Swift. Her favorite movie is The Sound of Music because her favorite actress, Julie Andrews, is the main character in that movie.  Masha really likes to learn foreign languages and is especially excited about learning Russian, French and Spanish.

Masha has won many awards in school. In 1st grade, she won a prestigious Presidential Physical Fitness award, which was in 2010. She was in first place for the physical education competition and earned a gold medal and a certificate from the President of the United States, Barack Obama. In third grade, she won a Mathematics award. In all the years of elementary school, she has always been in the gifted and talented class.

Masha’s favorite subject in school is science.  In the Spring of 2013, she won the 1st place at a Science Fair competition. She was the winner at the M. Allan Vogelson Regional Branch of Camden Country Library in Voorhees, New Jersey. One of the Jury members, Professor Jerry Gambs was very impressed by her work. He works at Villanova University, PA.”

“I have many goals for the future. One of them is my future career. When I grow up, I want to be a Bio-Chemistry Professor (a type of scientist.) I want to be it because science is my favorite subject in school. I really love doing experiments. Secondly, it is my dad’s and my mom’s occupation: my dad is a Chemistry Professor, who teaches Physical Chemistry at Rutgers University Camden, and my mom is a biologist. They both have a PhD degree in their specialty. I will work hard, and if I win a Science Noble Prize or another prize I will not just keep it all to myself, I will share. One of my goals is to support and/or fund an animal shelter. I will also donate money to charity and hospitals.

“The news about being a Top Ten winner in Creative Communication’s contest is so exciting! I would like to thank my mom and dad for taking me to Wildwood where I had unforgettable moments! I would also like to thank all my great teachers who taught me the crafting strategies I used in my writing!”

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Featured Student Writer: Janika Nevlida

janikaJanika Nevlida was 8 years old attending Carrillo Elementary School in California when her poem “The Outside World” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2013 national poetry contest.

Janika was born in China and grew up in Northern California. Last year, her family moved to San Marcos, California. Janika is in a home school program attending gifted 4th grade and 5th grade classes. She is also a gymnast and has been on a competitive team since age 5.

“I love reading and writing. My mom said I probably got it from my great grandma and my grandpa. I love writing fiction. I started writing stories when I was 4, but lately I have been fond of writing poems. I was inspired to write ‘The Outside World’ because I love nature. When we were in Northern California, my dad always took us hiking, playing by the river, biking near the lake, and playing at the park. Now we live close to the ocean and it’s a new outdoor experience for me. The beach is awesome! It was spring when I wrote the poem. My mom and I were just sitting outside and I could feel the fresh air and smell all the flowers and it inspired me to write a poem.”

To read Janika’s poem, click here.

To learn more about our national writing contest, visit www.poeticpower.com.

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