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Featured Student Writer: Janika Nevlida

on July 10, 2014

janikaJanika Nevlida was 8 years old attending Carrillo Elementary School in California when her poem “The Outside World” was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our Summer 2013 national poetry contest.

Janika was born in China and grew up in Northern California. Last year, her family moved to San Marcos, California. Janika is in a home school program attending gifted 4th grade and 5th grade classes. She is also a gymnast and has been on a competitive team since age 5.

“I love reading and writing. My mom said I probably got it from my great grandma and my grandpa. I love writing fiction. I started writing stories when I was 4, but lately I have been fond of writing poems. I was inspired to write ‘The Outside World’ because I love nature. When we were in Northern California, my dad always took us hiking, playing by the river, biking near the lake, and playing at the park. Now we live close to the ocean and it’s a new outdoor experience for me. The beach is awesome! It was spring when I wrote the poem. My mom and I were just sitting outside and I could feel the fresh air and smell all the flowers and it inspired me to write a poem.”

To read Janika’s poem, click here.

To learn more about our national writing contest, visit www.poeticpower.com.

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