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Featured Student Writer: Sarah Grace O’Donnell


Sarah was a 6th grader at St. Pius X Catholic School in Texas when she was selected as a Top Ten Winner in our national essay contest. Read her essay, “Shadows”, by clicking here.

Sarah’s dad is a US Navy pilot, and they are currently stationed in Texas.  The Navy has had them move around a lot, and Sarah’s family has lived in many places and has enjoyed traveling.  Sarah enjoys drawing, writing, reading, and playing sports and going skiing. She also likes playing guitar and singing. Her favorite movies are Pitch Perfect and Frozen. She has one little brother named John Patrick.

“I’ve pretty much always enjoyed writing and my first-grade teacher even wrote a note in my yearbook saying that I’m destined to be a writer.” Sarah explains, “I think I got the calling to write when I was in second grade, when I won my first 2 writing contests. I don’t really know what made me want to write my winning essay this year, but I think it has to do with last year’s essay winner. Her essay was really intense, but really sad. It made me want to write something like that, but with a happier ending and much, much different in its own unique way.”

Sarah thinks she want to go to the University of Virginia or Ohio State University and be an author, but she also wants to have another job, and she’s not really sure yet what that will be. Congratulations again, Sarah!

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