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Featured Student Writer: Abigael Williams

Abigael Williams was a senior attending Cookson Hills Christian School in Oklahoma when her essay, “Wings“, was selected as a national Top Ten Winner in our Fall 2013 essay contest.

Abigael loves drawing, reading, writing, Doctor Who, and The Legend of Zelda. She is a lifelong student and was Valedictorian when she graduated last year.

When asked what inspired her winning essay, Abigael explained, “I wrote ‘Wings‘ one day at school while looking out the window and thinking about all the uncertainties of the future, specifically college.”

Abigael’s goals in life are to become a research biologist who studies the effects of chemicals in plants on humans, and to become an action/adventure/fantasy novelist.

senior pic

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Featured Teacher: Melanie Shields

photoMelanie Shields teaches English at Ecole secondaire L’Alliance in Northern Ontario, Canada and has been participating in our contests since 2012. Her student, Madison Byron, was selected as a national Top Ten Winner in our Spring 2014 poetry contest. Madison has since moved on to attend post secondary studies and was the school’s Valedictorian.

We asked Melanie to discuss her thoughts on engaging students in writing and what helps her to find success in the classroom.

“I believe the key is this… Write about what you are passionate about and write something creative or intriguing. The assignments have to be special and thought provoking in order to receive the same special thought provoking answers or writing pieces.” Melanie goes on to explain, “This particular assignment that resulted in Madison’s win was one based on Margaret Atwood’s poem, ‘This is a Photograph of Me.’  I asked the students to choose a photograph of any type, even one they choose to take themselves and to be an invisible speaker in the photo. This assignment also sparks the students’ interest and results in award winning writing! Congrats again, Madison and thank you to the Creative Communication Team for having such a great contest for the youth of our generation and generations to come!”

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