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Featured Student Writer: Moira Armstrong

on March 27, 2017

IMG_7814Moira is a junior at Howland High School, where she enjoys stressing over honors classes and extracurriculars, including Political Action Club, Interact Service Club, Italian Club, marching and concert bands, English Festival, and Howland Unity Gay-Straight Alliance. Her favorite, though, will always be the speech and debate team, where she competes in original oratory and serves as president. She is also an Ambassador Girl Scout and a tap dancer at Jill’s Dance Shop, and in her very limited free time, she likes to play ukulele, color, read, and, of course, write. Her work has been published in the Power of the Pen Book of Winners and Blue Marble Review and is forthcoming in The Asexual Journal, After the Pause, and the Ohio High School Speech League Winning Orations Collection. In the future, she hopes to attend college and pursue a career in museum curation or administration.

Moira wrote “Paris, Orlando, Nice, Dallas, Turkey, Baton Rouge, Munich” after several months of seemingly waking up to a new headline about another terrorist attack or police shooting every day. Because of this, her friends and she are facing ideas like discrimination and worrying about violence at a time when she thought they’d be concerned with things like classes and colleges. As she began exploring the effects it has on their lives and relationships, she realized it’s changed them much more deeply than she originally thought, and she hopes this poem expresses those feelings well and can help teens who feel the same way understand that they’re not alone.


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