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Featured Student Author: Abby Haase

Abby HAbby was a top ten winner in our spring 2017 national poetry competition for her poem “Storm Drain.”

Hi! My name is Abby Haase, I’m 13 years old. There are endless ways to express yourself; singing, cooking, photography, even cracking jokes. But for me it’s writing, poetry especially. But when I am not writing I enjoy to run, bake, give attention to my two very much so attention seeking dogs, and I also love clothes and fashion just in general. I wrote my poem “Storm Drain” because, when someone sees you a certain way or labels you something it can be very challenging not to see yourself that way. Even though it could quite possibly be the very opposite of you. My main goal for the future, as far as writing goes, is to finally finish and try to publish my book that’s favorite key on the keyboard is delete.

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Featured Teachers: Joyce Faragasso and Kelly Dilullo

Joyce Faragasso and Kelly Dilullo collaboratively teach k-12 gifted students in the Interboro School District. Initially, they stumbled upon Creative Communications in an effort to locate academic opportunities for students to shine and showcase their work. However, it has now become a staple in their lesson plans every fall and spring! Each year, students look forward to the form associated with their grade level and competing in the contest.

With the push toward core standards in education, poetry has limited place in the curriculum. In the near future, poetry writing may be a lost art. Kelly and Joyce kick off the school year with poetry writing because it really excites the kids and the interest level is high. When given the opportunity to write various forms of poetry, the students are engaged and motivated because it is different, which makes it fun!

In the spring, the focus in on essay writing. Each grade level is offered a different type of writing and the topics often relate back to the regular education curriculum. This provides the students with a sense of connection and familiarity for the topics. It also allows them to draw on prior information and enrich their knowledge in an area of study. Creating meaningful outlets to write is important in creating motivated writers!

Joyce explains, “In today’s technology driven world, writing is all around us like never before. It is a means for effective communication, collaboration, sharing of ideas, and expressing emotions.” Understanding the necessity of writing, Kelly and Joyce encourage students to write with a purpose, about memories, areas of interest, or future goals. Kelly says, “Whenever you have a child draw on something familiar that they are eager to share, the writing will flow naturally. It is up to the teacher to model the writing process and provide structure for writing.” They get students hooked on writing by allowing them to write freely and experiment with different forms of writing.

​Both teachers share the belief that motivating students to enjoy writing and to become effective writers and communicators is key for life long learners.

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Featured Teacher: Katie Kinder

Kinder teacher faceTeaching is a call on my heart; I absolutely love what I do, and believe it to be the most important work in the world. Students like Chris make teaching seem easy; he is kind, insightful, and man, that kid can write. Every year I do an assignment called “The Poem of Life.” It comes at a time in the year when kids are ready to share and feel comfortable in my Family Classroom. With blue walls, trees, greenery, and the wafting scent of vanilla, my classroom embodies the kind of place I wish I had had when I was a teenager. I immersed myself in brain research and learned that kids should only see colors they see in nature; it immediately calms down the high-strung, often high-anxiety middle school student in which life can be stressful and feelings of insecurity are felt within the walls of their home and school.

My classroom is a safe place in which to write especially poetry. Kids are asked to write a poem about a time in their lives that was hard, but they overcame in a difficult journey. Often times there are tears, but I tell them that tears are okay. Tears tell a story of pain and they also symbolize healing and strength. chris and teacher

I love the Creative Communication’s Poetry Competition. My students always become ecstatic when the book arrives. I’ve never had a student in the Top Ten before and I’m so proud of Kenneth Cooper’s own, Chris Johnson and his poem “A Father’s Sacrifice.”

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Featured Student Writer: Christopher Johnson

Christopher is a Top Ten Winner for our fall 2016 national poetry contest chris1for his poem “A Father’s Sacrifice.”

My name is Christopher Johnson; I am 14 years old, and attend Kenneth Cooper Middle School in Oklahoma. What inspired me to write “A Father’s Sacrifice” was just watching what my dad did for me throughout my life. Since I was a little boy, all I saw my dad ever do is work and work without ever stopping, but somehow he still had time for me. From my birthday’s to even just going to the mall to see a movie, he always made time for me. One time when it was his birthday (which is one day out of the year where I finally get to give back and let him have his own day) instead of him getting what we wanted, he made sure that I had everything I needed first. He’s always put me first no matter the time or place, he also protects me with his life, and never gives up on me. I do sometimes feel like I am the luckiest boy in the world to have such a great dad in my life to learn from and to have a male role model to get inspiration from a lot of my friends don’t have what I have. I want to grow up to be just like him strong, independent, but also caring for others. If you could see the look on my dad’s face when he saw my poem was in the Top Ten Winners, I knew he was proud of me.

chris and teacherI have achieved a lot in my short life; I took the ACT at the age of 12. I am taking a 10th grade math course right now, and I am in National Junior Honor Society. This achievement is my most recent one. I do plan to go to culinary school, but not in Oklahoma. I want to go to New York to attend the ICE institute of Culinary Education with my grandparents who live there. I’ve always loved cooking and watching other people cook like Gordon Ramsey. I want to own my own restaurant someday but, first I will go to college to get a degree.

One of my main inspirations from my school was my English teacher Ms. Kinder. I’m so grateful that I got to share this achievement with her because I know it really meant a lot to her and made her proud but, without her I don’t think I would have had the courage to submit my poem and I really do thank her for giving me the courage to do it. She’s always inspired me to be great and that I will do great things in the future. Ms. Kinder was just been a very big part of my life and I don’t know what I’d do without her.

I am very honored to have been picked Top Ten from Creative Communications and I hope that I can keep on succeeding and doing what I put my mind to, because the first step of achieving any goal is to believe in yourself and work hard. That’s what I plan to do with the rest of my life and maybe teach others how to too because some people have the ability to be great, but they are only holding themselves back from greatness.

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Featured Student Writer: Aubrielle Cook

A Cook 20170403_155445Aubrielle is a  Top Ten Winner for our fall 2016 national poetry contest for her poem “Pacific Beach.”

Greetings! I am a 10 year old girl from Colorado and currently attend the 5th grade. I love expressing myself through writing. My interests include reading, baking, art and sports such as snowboarding, running, tennis, gymnastics and swimming. I am currently working on a project to help save and preserve the last wild “Big Cats.” I was inspired to write the poem, “Pacific Beach” because after visiting San Diego, I wanted to share the beauty of California with my family and friends. My goals for the future are to continue to write about what inspires me and hopefully become a published author. I also hope to become a professional athlete and go to the Olympics someday!

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Featured Student Writer: Amalia Rose Battle Cordova

Amalia is a Top Ten Winner from our fall 2016 national poetry contest for her A Rosepoem “The Elements of Nature.

What inspired me to write my poem was just a scene in a picture in the Denver Art Museum. Basically what happened was at literacy time in my school I was trying to come up with a poem that was meant to be a descriptive calm poem but I only came up with three sentences. So then I remembered a piece I had done on a field trip where we were supposed to pick out a painting in the Denver Art Museum and I chose a beautiful mountain scene and combined it with the three sentences I had already made. My goals for the future are to be an archeologist in space and to buy a kitten or a puppy. Also, I want to create the biggest library out of my room.

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Featured Student Writer: Tess Lielle Cranford

Tess is a top ten winner of our spring 2017 national poetry contest for her poem “Mermaid“.

tess poemI am Tess Lielle Cranford. I am 11 years old, a home school student and live in La Quinta, California. I love poetry. It’s a way to speak your feelings without saying a word. I also love painting, sculpting, balloon artistry and my three legged cat, Kitty. I wrote the poem, Mermaid, based on my love of mythical creatures especially mermaids. I wrote it in an un-rhyming sonnet form. I do not like to rhyme but I love to experiment with different forms of poetry. Some of my goals for the future are to continue being a lover of art, writing more poetry and having a farm with lots of animals. “She believed she could, and so she did” unknown

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Featured Student Writer: Tia Petratos

Tia Petratos is a Top Ten Winner for our fall 2016 national poetry contest for her poem FA16P Tia PetratosOde to My Grandpa.”

Hello, my name is Tia Petratos. I am eleven years old and I attend 5th Grade at Fry Elementary School in Naperville, Illinois. I love to dance. I am on a competitive dance team. My favorite subjects in school are math, writing, and science. I speak fluent Greek. The inspiration for my poem, Ode to My Grandpa, is my grandfather who has had Alzheimer’s disease for four years. I chose to write about him because he is one of the people I love dearly. In fact, he is my best pal! Seeing someone you love so much forget about you, and all of the fun memories you share is scary and sad. His memories quickly disappeared before my eyes, never to come back. So, I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts through this poem. My goals for the future are to go to Northwestern in order to study Medicine. I would also like to write a children’s book. Remember to cherish your memories, because they may not last forever.

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Featured Student Writer: Karlie Dietz

Karlie Dietz is a Top Ten Winner for our spring 2017 national poetry contest for her poem “Gasoline.”

I was inspired to write my poem “Gasoline” because I feel that young women should be able to speak their minds freely and not be subjected to anyone or anything. My biggest goal for my future right now is to hopefully get accepted into University of Michigan.

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Featured Student Writer: Sarah Chocron

Sarah Chocron is a Top Ten Winner for our spring 2017 national poetry contest for her poem “The Writer’s Way.”

Poetry Sarah CMy name is Sarah Chocron and I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. At age 11, I moved to Wichita, KS, where I know go to school. During my spare time, I enjoy drinking coffee with friends, drawing, and listening to jazz music (Coltrane is probably my favorite). Perhaps my greatest inspiration for my poem was a very lucky lack of inspiration… at the time, I had to write a poem for an assignment and all day I was out of ideas until I figured I should write about… WRITING and how powerful words can be. I hope to one be able to combine a career in technology and design and very hopefully attend Carnegie Mellon University. Until then, I set a goal for myself to keep writing, reading, and being creative!

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