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Featured Student Writer: Tia Petratos

on August 9, 2017

Tia Petratos is a Top Ten Winner for our fall 2016 national poetry contest for her poem FA16P Tia PetratosOde to My Grandpa.”

Hello, my name is Tia Petratos. I am eleven years old and I attend 5th Grade at Fry Elementary School in Naperville, Illinois. I love to dance. I am on a competitive dance team. My favorite subjects in school are math, writing, and science. I speak fluent Greek. The inspiration for my poem, Ode to My Grandpa, is my grandfather who has had Alzheimer’s disease for four years. I chose to write about him because he is one of the people I love dearly. In fact, he is my best pal! Seeing someone you love so much forget about you, and all of the fun memories you share is scary and sad. His memories quickly disappeared before my eyes, never to come back. So, I wanted to express my feelings and thoughts through this poem. My goals for the future are to go to Northwestern in order to study Medicine. I would also like to write a children’s book. Remember to cherish your memories, because they may not last forever.

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