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Featured Student Writer: Amalia Rose Battle Cordova

on August 15, 2017

Amalia is a Top Ten Winner from our fall 2016 national poetry contest for her A Rosepoem “The Elements of Nature.

What inspired me to write my poem was just a scene in a picture in the Denver Art Museum. Basically what happened was at literacy time in my school I was trying to come up with a poem that was meant to be a descriptive calm poem but I only came up with three sentences. So then I remembered a piece I had done on a field trip where we were supposed to pick out a painting in the Denver Art Museum and I chose a beautiful mountain scene and combined it with the three sentences I had already made. My goals for the future are to be an archeologist in space and to buy a kitten or a puppy. Also, I want to create the biggest library out of my room.

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