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Featured Teacher: Katie Kinder

on August 15, 2017

Kinder teacher faceTeaching is a call on my heart; I absolutely love what I do, and believe it to be the most important work in the world. Students like Chris make teaching seem easy; he is kind, insightful, and man, that kid can write. Every year I do an assignment called “The Poem of Life.” It comes at a time in the year when kids are ready to share and feel comfortable in my Family Classroom. With blue walls, trees, greenery, and the wafting scent of vanilla, my classroom embodies the kind of place I wish I had had when I was a teenager. I immersed myself in brain research and learned that kids should only see colors they see in nature; it immediately calms down the high-strung, often high-anxiety middle school student in which life can be stressful and feelings of insecurity are felt within the walls of their home and school.

My classroom is a safe place in which to write especially poetry. Kids are asked to write a poem about a time in their lives that was hard, but they overcame in a difficult journey. Often times there are tears, but I tell them that tears are okay. Tears tell a story of pain and they also symbolize healing and strength. chris and teacher

I love the Creative Communication’s Poetry Competition. My students always become ecstatic when the book arrives. I’ve never had a student in the Top Ten before and I’m so proud of Kenneth Cooper’s own, Chris Johnson and his poem “A Father’s Sacrifice.”


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