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Featured Student Author Jenny Hu

on November 6, 2017

IMG_2076Jenny Hu is a top ten winner in our summer 2017 national poetry contest for her poem “Forever.” 

I’m Jenny Hu. I’m thirteen, and in eighth grade at the Seven Hills School in Cincinnati, Ohio. I play piano, as well as another twenty-one-stringed instrument called the guzheng, or Chinese zither, and I play golf too. I am bilingual, speaking both English and Chinese fluently, but I also study Latin and Spanish. I love writing, and when not pursuing any of my musical or athletic endeavors, I like to crochet, travel, and read. My stories and essays have earned various recognition including publication in the Creative Kids Magazine and publication in a magazine in China. I placed fifth in a statewide short story writing competition called Power of the Pen as well.

My poem, “Forever“, was inspired by my English teacher’s assignment to write a poem about nostalgia. I thought of one of my oldest friends, a girl who used to live just down the street, but now lives in a whole different city from me. She was once my best friend, but now I see her only once a year as our lives are pulled in different directions. The poem was a glimpse back into my treasure trove of beautiful memories with her.
My goal for the future is to be a cardiologist, a doctor of the heart. Ever since I was very little I’ve wanted to go into the medical field, a career that I’ve always viewed as the most direct way to change someone’s life for the better. However, I know that writing will always be a central part of my life, in one way or another.


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