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Featured Teacher: Kim Straub – Red Bud Elementary School

on March 13, 2018

IMG_1687Kim Straub is the 8th grade language arts teacher of Warren Stolte, a Top Ten Winner from our Fall 2017 national poetry contest for the poem “Band Classroom.”

This is my tenth year of encouraging my students to participate in Creative Communication’s poetry contest and the first year that a student’s submission has been selected for the top ten best poems. For my students, the contest has always generated an excitement and enthusiasm for writing. Even in this age of technology, students still love seeing their very own words, feelings, and ideas put into print and published in an attractive, hardcover book they can hold in their hands, share with their family and friends, and keep on their bookshelf. Beginning the school year with a poetry unit teaches students to understand the importance of word choice, tone, and mood in all of their writing throughout the year. Submitting their poems to Creative Communications for possible publication provides for my students an exciting conclusion to our poetry unit . Poetry projects come and go, but this is one I plan on continuing every year I teach.

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