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Featured Student Author: Leah Genato

image1Leah Genato is a Top Ten Winner from our spring 2018 poetry contest for her poem “Night.”

I live in New Jersey with my family. I enjoy writing, reading and dancing. I decided to write a poem about the night because of its beautiful traits (the stars, moon, owls) and how calm it is. My goals for the future are to become an author and travel the world.

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Featured Student Author: Sienna Suznovich

Sienna Suznovichimage1Sienna is a Top Ten Winner in our spring 2018 national poetry contest for her poem “The Clouds.”

Sienna is a 12 year old girl and will be entering 7th grade at Sierra Oaks K-8 school in the fall in Sacramento, CA. Sienna enjoys playing soccer and competitive dance but has been recovering from a soccer injury for the past year. She loves cats and spends her free time volunteering at Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary, a cat and dog rescue center. Sienna is beginning her eighth year in girl scouts as a Cadette. She is taking a babysitting class with the Red Cross so that she can be a certified babysitter.

Sienna was inspired to write her poem about clouds due to the cloudy and rainy day weather. In her future, Sienna would like to become an Interior Designer. She would also love to foster cats.

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Featured Student Author: Valorie Fisher

IMG_20180515_155238191Valorie is a Top Ten Winner in our spring 2018 national poetry contest for her poem “To Run or Not to Run.”

My name is Valorie Fisher. I am an ambitious teenager with challenging goals for my future. I strive to reach these goals not only for the satisfaction of accomplishing them, but for the enjoyment provided in the process of doing so.

One dream of mine is to complete and have published a successful novel at some point in my life, preferably before the end of high school. This dream was inspired by my love of literature. I am an avid reader, and by reading so many stories, I learned how to write them. I still do so, and the dream of completing a novel as well as the joy I have in writing prompts me to continue.

Another goal of mine is to be accepted into one of my dream colleges: MIT, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania. I plan to pursue a science related career, so this goal is in place to help me receive the best preparation for such a career.

While my goals for my future are always on my mind, I still enjoy engaging in activities unrelated to them. Perhaps my greatest interest besides reading and writing is music. Making music is one of my favorite pastimes, and I am eager to learn to do so in many different ways. Currently, I play clarinet, piano, some string instruments, and I sing.

I strive for my goals, make music, and live my life in a small town in central Pennsylvania, where I live with my parents and three younger siblings. Being the small town that it is, my home doesn’t offer much (not even a Walmart). However, it was a nice place to grow up and I owe a great deal of my inspiration to the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains that surround it.

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Featured Student Writer: Sneha Parthasarathy

thumbnailSneha Parthasarathy is a Top Ten Winner from our Spring 2018 Poetry Contest for her poem “America Screaming.”

From the time I was 3, reading and writing have defined me. I was a bookworm from the start, enjoying losing myself in the wonderful world of words as soon as I learned how to read. As a child, you would never find me without my head in a book. My parents used to yell at me for reading too much, at the table, while walking home from the bus stop, and late in to sleepless nights. After I finished Harry Potter for probably the 36th time, I turned my attention to a new challenge: writing. I love to write poetry and creative nonfiction, and founded the Creative Writing Club at my own school.

As a ninth grader at George Mason High School in Falls Church, Virginia, current events play a large role in my life as I have grown up practically outside the White House doors. After witnessing the chaos of current political times, I was inspired to write my poem, “America Screaming,” to remind everyone of the ideals our nation was founded upon. I hope that my writing will, in turn, inspire others to speak up and protect our nation’s reputation as the “land of the free.”

In the future, I hope to continue using my words to fight for what I believe in. My dream is to become an accomplished author and use my writing to motivate others to stand up for their beliefs as well. Hopefully, when I grow up, tens of thousands of writers just like me will tackle the challenge of current generations: apathy. My goal is to involve everyone in society through my writing, so we can all live in a world where we feel free.

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