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Featured Student Writer: Sneha Parthasarathy

on July 2, 2018

thumbnailSneha Parthasarathy is a Top Ten Winner from our Spring 2018 Poetry Contest for her poem “America Screaming.”

From the time I was 3, reading and writing have defined me. I was a bookworm from the start, enjoying losing myself in the wonderful world of words as soon as I learned how to read. As a child, you would never find me without my head in a book. My parents used to yell at me for reading too much, at the table, while walking home from the bus stop, and late in to sleepless nights. After I finished Harry Potter for probably the 36th time, I turned my attention to a new challenge: writing. I love to write poetry and creative nonfiction, and founded the Creative Writing Club at my own school.

As a ninth grader at George Mason High School in Falls Church, Virginia, current events play a large role in my life as I have grown up practically outside the White House doors. After witnessing the chaos of current political times, I was inspired to write my poem, “America Screaming,” to remind everyone of the ideals our nation was founded upon. I hope that my writing will, in turn, inspire others to speak up and protect our nation’s reputation as the “land of the free.”

In the future, I hope to continue using my words to fight for what I believe in. My dream is to become an accomplished author and use my writing to motivate others to stand up for their beliefs as well. Hopefully, when I grow up, tens of thousands of writers just like me will tackle the challenge of current generations: apathy. My goal is to involve everyone in society through my writing, so we can all live in a world where we feel free.

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