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Featured Student Author: Valorie Fisher

on July 9, 2018

IMG_20180515_155238191Valorie is a Top Ten Winner in our spring 2018 national poetry contest for her poem “To Run or Not to Run.”

My name is Valorie Fisher. I am an ambitious teenager with challenging goals for my future. I strive to reach these goals not only for the satisfaction of accomplishing them, but for the enjoyment provided in the process of doing so.

One dream of mine is to complete and have published a successful novel at some point in my life, preferably before the end of high school. This dream was inspired by my love of literature. I am an avid reader, and by reading so many stories, I learned how to write them. I still do so, and the dream of completing a novel as well as the joy I have in writing prompts me to continue.

Another goal of mine is to be accepted into one of my dream colleges: MIT, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania. I plan to pursue a science related career, so this goal is in place to help me receive the best preparation for such a career.

While my goals for my future are always on my mind, I still enjoy engaging in activities unrelated to them. Perhaps my greatest interest besides reading and writing is music. Making music is one of my favorite pastimes, and I am eager to learn to do so in many different ways. Currently, I play clarinet, piano, some string instruments, and I sing.

I strive for my goals, make music, and live my life in a small town in central Pennsylvania, where I live with my parents and three younger siblings. Being the small town that it is, my home doesn’t offer much (not even a Walmart). However, it was a nice place to grow up and I owe a great deal of my inspiration to the natural beauty of the Appalachian Mountains that surround it.

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